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Indonesian Consoles Games Blog's. It is not just about Consoles, but Anything about IndoConsoles. Blogging, Video games, Consoles News & Download, Computer & Internet, Music, Movies & Mobile GSM etc....
Thursday, August 30, 2007
Guitar Legend 240x320
this is top stuff enjoy
The basic game puts you in the shoes of an up-and-coming axe-spanker, riffing your way to the top of the rock tree. The gameplay follows the Guitar Hero formula, with notes travelling down a guitar neck towards you, and you pressing the right buttons at the right times to play them, thus building up your score. There's also a power gauge that fills up as you play, enabling you to press '8' or '0' for a power-riff, which bumps up your points.
Each song is available in three versions – Light, Advanced and Expert – which vary in length and difficulty. The bulk of the game is in its Career mode, where you work your way through venues of different sizes, being scored out of five for every song you attempt and unlocking new chapters if you do well. You get to choose one of a group of aspiring rockers to play as, including the likes of Chainsaw Rob, Tesla Gordon and Axl Carnaby.

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