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Monday, November 12, 2007
USDownloader + RapidShare.Com Automation : unlimited downloads without wait time
This kit provides :
* Downloading files from rapidshare.com (and the other sharing sites offcourse) without entering codes by yourself.
* You can add a task(like a macro record,bat,router control program, etc..) in USD's Scheluder menu for restarting modem (so you'll get a new ip and rs won't recognise you) after every file to continue downloading without wait 60-70 mins !

You have to install USD2007 V22 + FineReader 8 + OpenSSL + Microsoft .NET Framework to make it work.

Here is the links, you can install any path you want :

USD2007 V22
Setup OpenSSL-dll
FineReader 8
Microsoft .NET Framework


Q: How can I download without wait 60 min?

A: First off all you must have dynamic ip and your modem must have a software based reset control.
You have to record a macro to restart your router.
Example: I have used Jitbit macro recorder to create a macro that records mouse click and keyboard logs into exe. First i started to record then i restart my router from the control page ( and stopped the record then complied this record to an exe. Then i added this exe into usd's scheduler menu and set it like this:

And after a file has been downloaded , reset.exe starts to do things which i recorded before to reset the modem.

Jitbit Macro Recorder 3.64 + Cr4ck.

Q: How do you select a server? If there is a install.exe in your usd directory
A: Run install.exe

Type the server number which you wanna download from, Then click OK, OK, YES, OK respectively

If there is a no install.exe in your usd directory

Open USDownloader.ini file and find this line


And type server number which you wanna download from front of NetwokrNum = x (x is your selection)


1 = cogent
2 = cogent#2
3 = level3
4 = level3#2
5 = teliasonera
6 = teliasonera#2
7 = GlobalCrossing
8 = VSNL
-1 = Random
0 = After extent of utilization

Q: What does this OpenSSL for? The program is working without it.

A: Open SSL is for rapid.de recognition

Q: Is it impossible to change the default download folder with this version? It places the files on D:\ no matter what I type in (also cannot use browse feature to change default download path).

A: Type C:\USDownloader in Option / Misc window and restart USD

Q: Where can I find Finereader 8.0 Pro.?

A: Here

Q: How do avoid waiting time in USD?

A: Open USDownloader.ini and find this lines (yours maybe look different)


Set WaitTime=0 instead of 1. (That value always must be 0 )

Q: I have a "OleDataSourceAwl.cpp 449" error when starting Finereader

A: Try theese:

Uninstall FR8
Uninstall USD
Then download and install this program

Fast Cleaner 4.72


How to apply cr4ack of FC : Copy all files to Fast Cleaner DIR.

Then start FC, Clean all garbage files from your computer. After Install FR8 and USD back

Q: How can i apply FR8 crak?

A: Download FR8.crk.kit.rar and try to active fr8 with keygen first.


Install the FR8 with this serial: FPWF-8000-0001-6973-1620
Start FR8 and follow activation by fax or phone. Copy installation ID from FR8 window to keygen's. Click Generate. Copy Act. ID to FR8. DONE.

If this not work (assigned to another computer..) Try patches.


Copy patch file into FR8 DIR and execute. Click Patch or Patch it button. DONE. (FR8 must be closed !)

All FR8 cr4cks

Q: Where can I find Microsoft .NET Framework?

A: To run this application, you first must install one following version of the .NET Framework:



* FineReader must be in "C:\Program Files\ABBYY FineReader 8.0 Professional Edition" directory.

* Close all download applications when using usd (like Flashget, IDM etc..)

* You must have dynamic ip for keep downloading without wait 60-70 mins.

* If don't have dynamic ip you have to open USDownloader.ini and find this lines


And Set WaitTime = 1, instead of 0 (by doing this, usd will wait for rapidshare's delay for next dowload ticket.)



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